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NO MORE SHELL IN YOUR BAKING - Cracking eggs, whether hard boiled, runny or raw, can be a messy job. Not any more with the Taylors Eye Witness Egg Clacker kitchen gadget. HOW DOES IT WORK? - Simply place the bowl of your egg slicer over the top of an egg and pull the handle up to its full extent. Release the handle and the spring will transfer just the right amount of shock to break the shell. Remove the topper to take off a perfectly round topped egg shell. HOW COOL IS IT? - Put the 'fast' back into breakfast. This impeccable stainless culinary delight has been cleverly designed to take the top off your eggs in a flash. It will amaze your family and friends by the speed and clean cut lines after releasing the spring loaded mechanism onto the eggs peak. 10 YEAR GUARANTEE Spring Loaded Egg Topper. 4 x H 14cm Colour Box

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