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There's been a change in temperature. A must-have gadget for those culinary superstars, our Salter Cook Thermometer is the real deal. Connecting to Bluetooth for easy access, you can monitor temperature on your smartphone or tablet to make sure you get your dish just right. Connect to the app Sync the thermometer to the Salter Cook app to start monitoring temperature interactively! Simply select the temperature within the recipe and the thermometer will automatically set it as a target. You can then leave the thermometer and monitor the temperature through the app wherever you are. Use the in-app library of pre-set temperatures for meat, confectionery, jam and more! Two probes The thermometer comes with two probes, one to measure oven temperature and one to measure food temperature. Whilst connected to the app, you can label the probes (e.g., ‘Oven’ and ‘Chicken’) and use them separately or together. Both probes are designed with a heat-proof cable so you can shut the wire in your oven. As long as you leave the device itself outside, you’re good to go! The thermometer is ideal for checking the temperatures of meat, confectionary, BBQ, jam and more. Keep it handy The magnetic back lets you position the thermometer on the side of the oven or other magnetic surfaces to keep it safe and easy to access. Designed with sleek curved sides and a Bluetooth light, this nifty device is small and stylish. If you are looking to get perfect bakes and roasts, the Bluetooth Thermometer is for you. • Connects to Salter Cook app using Bluetooth to follow recipes and measure temperature • 1°C/1°F graduations • Temperature range: -20°C to 250°C / -4°F to 392°F • Compact design with two probes for oven and food temperatures • ABS body and stainless steel probe • Ideal for checking meat, confectionery, BBQ and more • Battery: 1 x CR2032 Guarantee: 2 Years, details can be found under T&C's. We are proud to present our innovative recipe scale, a must-have for any avid baker. Teamed with the Salter Cook app, you can connect the two via Bluetooth and seamlessly weigh ingredients with your smartphone or tablet. Revolutionise Your Cooking Welcome to the new way of cooking … at your fingertips! This scale uses Bluetooth to connect to the Salter Cook app, where you can convert and collect your favourite recipes online and store them within the app - your personal cookbook! Syncing the scale to the app makes following your recipes much more interactive. Instead of using this kitchen scale in the traditional sense, the scale is displayed through the app on your smartphone or tablet. The interactive display shows you when you have reached your target and easily lets you change units or adjust the weight. Press and hold on a weight within the app and the scale will automatically set it as your target! Whilst this scale impresses most when used to weigh and adjust ingredients through the app, you can also use it as a standalone scale with the LCD display. The Ultimate Kitchen Scale Touch Sensitive Designed with ultra-slim glass and brilliant white surface, the Cook scale features a bright LCD display and sleek touch-sensitive controls to reset the scale and change the units. Neat The ideal size for the kitchen, this nifty platform measures 175 mm x 175 mm with an impressive capacity of up to 10kg for those big bakes! The device is easy to store and looks impressive on the kitchen surface. Add & Weigh Equipped with our ‘add & weigh’ feature, you can save on the washing up and measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl. Zero the scale through the app or simply select the next ingredient you wish to weigh and the scale will automatically zero. Aquatronic We have also included our Aquatronic feature to help you measure liquids. This makes creating your own “Smoothies” category on Salter Cook much easier. Beautifully designed and exceptionally practical, the Salter Cook range brings new technology into the kitchen to make your cooking process much more interactive. The freedom to collect and create the recipes you want helps you make your own personal cookbook that you can easily access wherever you are. • Connect to the Salter Cook app via Bluetooth to follow recipes and weigh ingredients • Use scales with or without app • Ultra slim glass platform with easy-to-read display • Add & weigh • Aquatronic measure liquids without a measuring jug • Choose between metric and imperial units • Platform size: 175 mm x 175 mm • Batteries: 3 x AAA USER GUIDE Transform your culinary experience with SALTER COOK. Download the free SALTER COOK App and create your own personal cookbook, capturing recipes from your favourite websites at the click of a button as well as adding your own recipes by hand. Access your recipes anytime from your tablet and/or phone, whether you are at home or at the supermarket. Connect the app to your SALTER COOK scale for a fully interactive weighing experience. See the weights from your recipes automatically linking to the scale display on the app. Make use of the clever built in timers, which you can name to remind you what they are for. Strike through ingredients as you move through your recipes so you never lose your place, scale up or down your recipe servings, create your own recipe categories, upload your photos, share with friends and much more! Complete the experience with the SALTER COOK thermometer (sold separately) which will guide you through making the perfect roasts, jams, confectionary and more. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE INSERT BATTERIES (3 x AAA): Ensure the +/- terminals are the correct way round TO SWITCH ON: If using a bowl, place it on the scale. Press q/zero. Wait until the display shows 0. FOR CONNECTED USE: Make sure your phone or tablet has Bluetooth turned on. Open the SALTER COOK app (available free from App Store and Google Play) then press the icon at the top of the screen. The app and scale will automatically connect. Note: Your scale can only be connected to one device at a time and will automatically connect to the nearest device. Pressing the Bluetooth refresh icon will cause the scale to disconnect and reconnect to the nearest device TO SET A TARGET WEIGHT: Simply select any weight (underlined) from your SALTER COOK recipe. Or set the target manually on screen either by sliding the target marker or by touching the icon. TO CONVERT WEIGHT UNITS: Press unit on the scale or tap the weight reading in the app to change between g, oz, ml and fl.oz. The ml and fl.oz measures are suitable for all water based liquids, eg. wine, stock, milk. TO ‘ADD & WEIGH’ several ingredients in one bowl: Press q/zero (on the scale or in the app) between each ingredient. TO SWITCH OFF MANUALLY: Press q/zero (on the scale) for 2-3 seconds. Auto switch off will occur after 1 minute if the scale shows 0 or after 3 minutes on the same weight reading. However, it will not occur if the scale is connected and the app is open. WARNING INDICATORS: Lo on the scale display = replace batteries Err on the scale display = overload: remove some weight CLEANING AND CARE: Clean the scale with a damp cloth only. Do not immerse in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.

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