Corklifter Corkscrew Set - (CORKLIFTER)

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A wine connoisseurs most trusted tool, the CORKLIFTER makes quick and easy work of opening any bottle of wine, whether it houses a dried-out vintage cork or new synthetic stopper. Boasting a sturdy modern design, the small cutter removes the foil from the stem of the bottle in one easy movement. The CORKLIFTER can then be positioned over the bottleneck to extract the cork with one easy push and pull of the lever. Made using high-quality materials, this corklifter can stand the test of time, thanks to a replacement corkscrew and foil blades found within the packaging. A welcome guest at any dinner table, this superb appliance allows you and your guests to endeavour in more meaningful activity – relishing great company, while indulging delicious wine. • Pulls a cork in a few seconds flat • Hardened and coated steel screw • Includes one extra worm screw • Includes foil cutter • Includes foil cutter

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