Carl Schmidt Sohn

Carl Schmidt Sohn began production of sabres in 1829. By 1830 the production was up to 2000 swords per week and employed more than 100 smiths, grinders and labourers. From 1869 they started producing knives, cutlery, shaving blades, scissors and pocket knives. As the overseas demand for knives grew, Carl Schmidt Sohn began to increase the knives production and fewer scissors and razors. As early as the turn of the century the majority of Carl Schmidt Sohn knives have been exported all over Europe. Since then Carl Schmidt Sohn has been known for their excellence in manufacturing high quality knives and cutlery based on a long term production history in the city of Solingen. Today Solingen remains the knife-centre of Germany where about 90% of German knives are produced. Building on the expertise of their knife and cutlery developments since 1829, CS-KOCHSYSTEME has been expanding into further kitchenware product categories with focus on value for money flatware, cookware and bakeware concepts that perfectly meet the needs of families and stand out in the marketplace.

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